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"Experience  3 different unique Zones across our hundreds of acres of farm property"



Deep within the corn rests a long forgotten dark spirit.  Revered and known by locals as "The Krow".  The origins of this dark force are unknown but trace the history of the property to its very beginnings. After several consecutive seasons of bad crop growth, the farming town has begun to try to please "The Krow" through sacrifice. Locals are seen at night stalking the corn looking for new victims.  These dark deeds have twisted and spoiled the land and rotted away what was left of their humanity turning them into unnatural abominations. Needing a physical form "The Krow" himself is seen embodying the body of a scarecrow assisting with this dark harvest of human souls stalking the corn looking for his next victim. With the ground spoiled, and strange creatures stalking the corn the farming town itself now sits abandoned on the outskirts of the fields in waiting to be awakened.


Fear Flick.jpg

Pull up a hay bale and take a seat while you enjoy some of your favorite horror flicks with new films showing every week.


WEEK ONE, "Classic Throwback":  KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE, enjoy this campy cult favorite from 1988, which will make you ask, “Do you really know where clowns come from?”

WEEK TWO, "Family Night": BEETLEJUICE, Join us after pumpkin fest when the sun goes down for our family friendly feature flick!

WEEK THREE, "Comedy Horror": HAPPY DEATH DAY, trapped in a time loop can you solve the murder in this horror comedy?


WEEK FOUR, "Sci-Fi Night": SIGNS, Are the intricate patterns in our crops caused by the unexplained?


"If inclement weather occurs projection will be stopped until weather clears."



Fear Flicks



 The lights are out in Corn Maze and brave visitors can find their way


through with only the light of a glow stick.


Note: this maze is not haunted, flashlights and glow sticks available for purchase.

After Dark Corn Maze

You will experience intense audio, lighting, low visibility, strobe lights, fog, moving floors, special FX and sudden motions in a physically demanding environment. 


You should not enter If you suffer from asthma, heart conditions, physical ailments, seizures, respiratory conditions or any type of medical  or mental conditions including claustrophobia or if you are pregnant.

Do not enter if you are intoxicated, wearing any form of cast or brace, are using crutches or a cane or have any physical limitations.


No running.  No video or flash photograph. Do not touch the props or actors. No high heel shoes or sandals, please!


Your ticket is a revocable license and may be taken by management and admission refused.  The Ticket holder understands that there is an inherent risk involved with attending this attraction.

Holder voluntarily assumes all risks and dangers associated with attending this attraction. In consideration and acceptance of entrance into this attraction, holder agrees to release the operator, it’s parent corporations, affiliates, officers, directors and employees as well as landlord from any liability, harm, injury or death, cost or expense whatsoever that may arise directly or indirectly, from attending this attraction.

For the safety of our guest and performers no costumes, mask or articles which cover ones face are allowed on property or within the attractions. 

There are no refunds.  Enter at your own risk!



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